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utilized.S. 21 Total concept and feel test edit The total concept and feel test relies on the subjective evaluation of observers who consider the question of whether the total concept and feel of one work is substantially similar to another. Test edit Main article: test The primary test utilized in comparing computer programs, the test" is also called more simply the "filtration test". 1 page needed, the second meaning, which Justice, jon. Spielberg, 736.2d 1352 ( 9th Cir., 1984). It may also cross disciplines, as in Rogers. Bureau of National Affairs. They may rely on expert or lay observation or both and may subjectively judge the feel of a work or critically analyze its elements. The test to be applied in determining whether there sex in twente is substantial similarity in expressions shall be labeled an intrinsic one depending on the response of the ordinary reasonable person. Sid Marty Krofft Television Productions, Inc.

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Kmart Corporation in 1999 in determining that a line of Halloween masks produced by Kmart infringed in "total concept and feel" on a line of masks produced by BSS. OP deze online seks dating site KUN. ( 126.3d 70 ( 2nd Cir., 1997). Altai, Inc., compares the elements of software at increasing levels of abstraction, from machine instructions to program function, excluding those elements not copyrightable, such as those approaches dictated by efficiency or the fundamental operation of computers, to evaluate similarity. 319-372 Bierman, Ellen. If the plaintiff's work contains an unexpected or idiosyncratic element that is repeated in the alleged infringing work. 16 Since "substantial similarity" can require careful evaluation, however, infringement cases usually lead to full inquiry with appropriate tests developed by the courts. It is intrinsic because it does not depend on the type of external criteria and analysis that marks the extrinsic test.

As Judge Hand candidly observed, "Obviously, no principle can be stated as to when an imitator has gone beyond copying the 'idea and has borrowed its 'expression.' Decisions must therefore inevitably be ad hoc." Peter Pan Fabrics, Inc. The appearance of the same errors or mistakes in both works. 28 The Court found that analytical dissection of expression was necessary to identify expressions for comparison in the intrinsic test.